Dom Post: Fish skin nano-fibres power Revolution

Peter Kerr writes in the Dominion Post about work by a company who says they can turn discarded hoki skins into extremely fine, extremely strong nano-fibres.

The fibres could have multiple applications, from clothing to reinforcing, electronics and filtration.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Revolution Fibre’s first commercial product will be air filter mats for New Zealand ventilation company, HRV.

“As well as conventional mechanical trapping technology of existing air filters, the new mats utilise the enhanced entrapment properties from van der Waals forces due to the fibres being so small.

“The same attraction forces enable a gecko to stay attached to any surface it chooses to climb.

“Revolution Fibres are also going one step further. Instead of providing microbial protection by incorporating nano-silver particles, they’re using manuka and other plant-based extracts to neutralise pathogens.”