3 News: Fighting fit fabric

AgResearch scientists have developed a new fabric which enables the martial artists wearing it to fight for longer.

The fabric, made of a special woollen weave, is more lightweight, stronger, more comfortable, and allows better freedom of movement than the tightly-woven cotton generally used.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“The wool fabric was developed by AgResearch and has the strength of synthetic fibres and is woven in a way that helps draw moisture away from the fighter’s body.

“”This fabric has a very distinct structure, it’s very porous and so we get good air permeability, good breathability,” says Surinder Tandon from AgResearch.

“For fighters it’s a revolution.

“”When you fight in one of these Gis you’re only sweating half the amount so you can train harder, longer and perform better ultimately,” says Gimono co-founder Grant Scott.”