Dom Post: Kiwi processors play down findings on meat ‘risks’

Tim Cronshaw writes in Business Day about recent US research suggesting that processed meat can increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and the reaction from the New Zealand Meat Processors Association, which says the research could mislead kiwis.

Kiwis eat less processed meat than those who took part in the study, meaning that their risk of developing the problems might be far lower.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“”The study concluded a higher level [of processed meat eaten daily] would increase risk and the fact New Zealanders eat on average easily half that much we can conclude the risk is a lot less.”

“The study’s authors suggested any risks associated with processed meat may be indicative of other lifestyle behaviours and these would influence the results. Overall, eating and other lifestyle habits such as maintaining a healthy body weight are important in reducing disease risk and promoting good health.

“The study found there was no increased risk from eating unprocessed red meat, such as beef, lamb or pork. The study had a focus on salt content which is a contributing factor to heart disease.”