PODCAST: UPLoad 2010

On Tuesday night I was able to go and see UPLoad 2010.  Titled ‘The Great Broadband Debate’, it covered (amongst other things) the sitrep for broadband in New Zealand, why we need that second undersea cable, and how our lives might be changed by access to the sorts of broadband available elsewhere in the world.

The venue was packed to capacity, which is always good to see (particularly in a city as small as Wellington), and the speakers were thoroughly interesting and engaging.  Of course, it wasn’t really a debate, either – everyone was very much on the same page regarding New Zealand’s need for improved access.

If you’d like to watch footage from the event, you can watch Lance here, and the evening’s live tweets (which can be read here), are a great way to quickly catch the events’ gist.


Steven Heath – moderator

Jordan Carter – Director of Policy at InternetNZ

Jamie Baddeley – FX Networks

Donald Clark – CEO REANNZ

Lance Wiggs – co-founder of Pacific Fibre

UPLoad2010 – Pt I


UPLoad 2010 – Pt II


A high-quality version of the adio, in both Ogg Vorbis and MP3 formats, is available here.

Note: Apologies for some of the strange sound artefacts.