Nelson Mail: Ten-year study of environment draws to close

Naomi Arnold writes in the Nelson Mail about a world-leading, decade-long environmental management project set up to study the Motueka river’s catchment, is winding down.

The lessons learnt will be shared by those involved this weekend at a workshop, and the knowledge and understanding of the area supplied by the project will continue on.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Mr Fenemor said some of ICM’s achievements had been connecting science and policy, improving the water quality of the Sherry River by 50 per cent, and learning how to work with people, including a group of farmers that had formed a community around managing the river, due to [Integrated Catchment Management project]’s interest and support.

“He said it would be “a real achievement” if through the efforts of ICM, stakeholders and the council, people began to realise that “what they did on their little bit of land” affected the river downstream, including aquaculture in Tasman Bay.