3 News: Crows expert tool users, research shows

David Farrier reports for 3 News that a study published by a Auckland University researcher has shown New Caledonian crows to be capable of advanced tool use.

Parrots and other crows are also more intelligent than generally given credit for, according to the researcher, Dr Gavin Hunt.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“In footage shot by the university, one crow is seen pulling up a string to get a short stick. It then uses that short stick to get a longer stick out of a cage, which is then used to get food.

“”These birds are using complex cognition,” says Dr Gavin Hunt.”

The unique factor here is the way in which the crow uses a tool not to get food, but to get another tool that then allows it to get the food. Dr Hunt says in some ways crows are better tool users than primates, and they may still surprise us yet.”