ODT/NZPA: Residues in food “pose no safety concerns”

The New Zealand Food Safety Authority has released its report into the chemical residues and contaminants found in common kiwi foods, and found no levels which posed safety concerns.

More than 250,000 analyses were carried out on 123 commonly eaten foods.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“It is part of a project to estimate the exposure New Zealanders get to chemical residues, contaminants and selected nutrients.

“FSA project manager Cherie Flynn said the sampling did detect traces of “pesticides and other chemical contaminants”.

“More than 250,000 analyses had been carried out on food samples.

“”There have been a very small number of issues that required further investigation, and none of those posed a health risk to consumers,” she said.

“Growers and manufacturers were reminded of the need to follow good agricultural and manufacturing practices.”