The Press: Chiropractors’ treatments questioned

Rebeccah Todd writes in The Press about research in the New Zealand Medical Journal showing that many of the claims of chiropractors have no basis in fact.

The research looked at websites all over the world, and found that most of the claims made were unsubstantiated, including that it could be used to treat infertility and epilepsy.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Only claims about lower back pain were supported by evidence.

“The paper said widespread use of unproven claims was a public health issue that needed to be urgently addressed.

“”If, for instance, a child suffering from severe asthma is treated with ineffective spinal manipulation instead of effective drug therapy, there is an increased chance that this patient’s life might be lost,” it said.

“Co-author and Massey University lecturer Andrew Gilbey said he thought New Zealand chiropractors genuinely believed the claims they made.”