Stuff/NZPA: Experts back proposal to cut blood alcohol limit

The Government’s proposed plan to reduce the maximum blood alcohol limit for driving from 80 mg/l to 50 mg/l in a bid to improve safety has the backing of health experts.

80 mg/l is considered high by international standards, with many countries having a limit of 50 mg/l or lower.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“International research showed reducing the legal blood alcohol limit not only reduced the number of alcohol-related accidents but also the number of people caught with random breath testing and led to a change in public attitude.

“With a lower level people were more likely to keep track of how much they were drinking and to decide earlier in the night whether they would drive, Prof Connor said.

“A study in Denmark showed more people decided not to drink at all, or to have only one drink, when they were driving.”