Dom Post: Editorial: Science a challenge for the Budget

An editorial in the Dominion Post examines Government’s focus on science and innovation, and in particular the actions it has been taking recently to make its innovation aims happen.

It also examines some of the difficulties faced by local organisations trying to innovate.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Other science-related decisions this year seem likely to include the folding of the Science, Research & Technology Foundation into the ministry of the same name, Budget initiatives to encourage private-sector R&D, less competition for research dollars, and closer public science-private company relationships.

“In short, the Government appears to have heeded OECD criticism in 2007 that the public science system was unduly fragmented, as well as Sir Peter’s advice.

“Science might be finally emerging from the shadows, its non-sexy status having long been reinforced by an often scientifically ignorant public, suspicious of the work many scientists do – take, for example, widespread distrust of genetic engineering, despite the public good it might do.”