Newstalk ZB: Groundbreaking scientists win prize

Dr Jeff Tallon and Dr Bob Buckley, of IRL, have been awarded the top prize at the Prime Minister’s Science Prizes.

Their work focuses on high temperature superconductors, an area in which New Zealand is a global development leader.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Dr Buckley says a coil of superconducting wire allows the flow of electricity, with no loss of energy, which has a variety of applications.

“”You can use those coils in generators, in motors. And they can be very much smaller and more compact and more powerful, lighter.”

“Dr Buckley says the prize is a significant honour, and recognises their work using cutting-edge science to create a world-leading industry. He says industries related to superconductor technology developed over the next decade could potentially pull in $100 million in revenue.”