3 News: Govt pledges $50M to reducing greenhouse gases

Samantha Hayes of 3 News reports on Prime Minister John Key’s pledge of $50 million towards research into reducing agricultural greenhouse gas emissions.

Specifically to do so, a new centre has been opened in Palmerston North, with $5 million each year for the next ten years.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Proof the Government is confident scientists will solve the agricultural sector’s big problem.

“”I back them to do that, you may have to throw some money at them and give them some time but we’ve already see progress being made,” says Mr Key.

“The centre is a virtual hub for research being carried out all over the country.

“”We will be funding work around reducing something called enteric methane, which is the methane which is belched out of the animal,” says the Greenhouse Gas Research Centre director, Harry Clark.”