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Nelson Mail: Editorial: Helping scientists

Posted in Reflections On Science on February 11th, 2010.

An editorial in the Nelson Mail talks about the importance of science to New Zealand, the challenges being faced by scientists working in the system, and the imminent results of the CRI taskforce review.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Yet the scientific community is frustrated and demoralised by the existing framework, set up in 1992 to replace the previous state research institutions and put science on to a more businesslike footing.

“The result has been a level of contestability that promotes fierce competition for funding, discourages collaboration and disappoints scientists who spend much of their time writing proposals that won’t be approved.

“There must be a sufficient level of accountability to ensure that taxpayers’ money is not squandered on fanciful projects and journeys up blind alleys – even if they sometimes produce startling outcomes.

“But our scientists are good at what they do and if they are to deliver the results required by industry and business, they need encouragement and support, not road blocks and diversions.”

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