Dom Post: ‘Big four’ cancer cases slow down but other forms look set to rise

Greer McDonald of the Dominion Post reports that the rise in cancer appears to have levelled out, but only overall.  While the ‘big four’ cancers, including lung and cervical cancer, could begin to decrease over the next decade, other cancers such as prostate and liver cancer could increase.

There is also a difference in risk between men and women, with many cancers which are projected to stabilise for men, projected to decrease for women.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“According to a just-issued Health Ministry report, the risk of cancer, when adjusted for age, is projected to stabilise over the coming decade for males and decline by 11 per cent for females.

“Professor Tony Blakely, of the University of Otago, Wellington, said the stabilising of cases should be celebrated. “We hope it’s a turning point.”

“But with an ageing and growing population, the total number of Kiwis living with cancer would continue to increase, he said.

“Cancer is the second leading cause of death in New Zealand, with about 18,500 new reported cases each year.

“Three of the biggest reductions in incidence rate were for lung, cervical and colorectal (large bowel) cancers.”