NZ Herald: Half of Kiwis doubt global warming: poll

Eloise Gibson of the NZ Herald reports that approximately half of all Kiwis doubt that climate change is actually occurring, according to a poll conducted by the Herald.

About a quarter of Kiwis believe it isn’t occurring at all and is in fact a con, while a further 28% believe that the jury is still out, the concept has not yet been proven by the scientific community.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Thirty-eight per cent said global warming was a serious problem that needed action now, 13 per cent said it was the world’s biggest challenge, and 2 per cent did not know.

“Nineteen per cent – including almost 30 per cent of men aged 45 or older – thought it was a giant con and a waste of money.

“Almost all governments accept the findings of a UN report which concluded in 2007 that warming of the climate was “unequivocal” and it was more than 90 per cent likely it was being caused by human actions.

“[Professor Sir Peter Gluckman] said climate science was more difficult to explain than issues such as IVF or genetic modification.

“”It is particularly complex … which leaves room for confusion.”