Dom Post: Electric cars offer cheaper future

Paloma Migone of the Dominion Post writes about electric cars, and how they could help us save not only the planet, but our own money as well.

A recent report has estimated that electric cars could save New Zealand $8.2 billion over 50 years, with the vast majority of the benefit coming from the greatly increased cost of maintaining and operating them.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Electric vehicles would have other unquantifiable benefits such as enhanced energy security, improved stormwater quality, reduced noise pollution and balance payments, and diminishing demand for offshore oil over time.

“David Baldwin, Contact Energy managing director, said: “This technology can make a contribution to decreasing our reliance on imported fossil fuels and improve our energy security and self sufficiency.”

“The report argues there will be a $9.4 billion saving on petrol and a $1.5b saving on diesel over the next 50 years.”