TV3/NZPA:’Green fatigue’ and recycling rage spreading – survey

The NZPA reports that a recent survey conducted by Reader’s Digest has found that New Zealanders are becoming increasingly tired of heavy-handed environmental messages.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Researchers questioned 1000 people and in their findings noted: “We know global warming is a problem. But incessantly remind us that we’ll ruin a perfectly good planet if we don’t half-flush, ride to work, or recycle and – guess what – there’s a real danger we’ll just zone out.”

“While 97 percent said they were doing their bit for the planet, only 3 per cent claimed to be “totally committed”.

“Green Party MP Catherine Delahunty agreed people could easily become “burnt out with a sense of catastrophe and powerlessness”.

“”I think inspiration rather than blame is what encourages people to feel they can make a difference and care for the planet,” she told NZPA.

“”If people feel blamed they go into denial and if we can get out of denial and start realising that people have power it can be a very positive and rewarding thing.””