$1 billion fund for household insulation

What support for the ETS bought the Greens:

  • $1 billion over about 15 years to insulate and upgrade low-income homes. Higher-income homes will also get a substantial subsidy.
  • A commitment from the Government to develop and implement a National Policy Statement on biodiversity no later than February 1, 2011.
  • A contestable fund of 150,000 carbon credits a year for people developing new technologies that will reduce carbon.
  • Plans on how to allocate permits – which will be decided by regulation – will be scrutinised by Parliament.
  • The legislation will require the minister to gazette targets for carbon reduction.
  • A small target for emissions reduction from agriculture before 2013 will be gazetted, and research funds in the sector will be spread into sustainable solutions and not just chemical ones like nitrification inhibitors.

Media round-up:

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The Science Media Centre has published a backgrounder on the health impacts of cold and damp houses.

The speak to an expert on this issue, contact the Science Media Centre on 04 499 5476 or smc@sciencemediacentre.co.nz