Upcoming Workshops

2018 schedule

Date Type of training / workshop Location
Feb   12/13 Science Media SAVVY Auckland
May 2 Science Video Workshops Auckland
8 Science Video Workshops Hamilton
Jun 15/16 Science Media SAVVY Wellington
Jul 13 SAVVY Express: NZ Geographical Society Auckland
Aug 29/30 SAVVY Express: Queenstown Research Week Queenstown
Sep 3/4 Media SAVVY for Māori researchers Auckland
6/7    Science Media SAVVY Auckland
Oct 18 SAVVY Express: He ora te whakapiri Wellington
  24 Science Video Workshops Christchurch
25 Science Video Workshops Dunedin
Nov 22/23  Science Media SAVVY Wellington
  28 SAVVY Express: Microbes & Molecules Dunedin
Dec 13 SAVVY Express: One Health Aotearoa Wellington 

We will add new events as they are confirmed — check back later in the year for updates.