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Who’s reporting science-related issues in New Zealand?

Peter Griffin posted in on October 20th, 2016.

New Zealand has some fine science and environment reporters reporting for print, television and radio. Based all over the country, from Auckland to Wellington to Christchurch, they help to ensure that New Zealanders are kept up to date with science and environment issues both here and abroad. The Science Media Centre approached some of them, […]

Time to shift climate debate – The Gisborne Herald

John Kerr posted in on November 4th, 2013.

An Editorial in the Gisborne Herald makes a stand on climate deniers’ correspondence in the paper’s letters section. You can read the original editorial here. Less scope for ‘denialists’ as climate change certainty rises No one should read the occasional columns and letters on these pages written by people who do not believe in human-induced […]

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