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Kiwi ‘astrographs’ other solar system

John Kerr posted in on November 28th, 2011.

A New Zealander has captured the first amateur photograph of solar system other than our own, drawing international attention. Rolf Olsen, of Titirangi, captured the star Beta Pictoris, and the disk of debris and dust orbiting it, by taking a series of photos and subtracting differences in the images  using Photoshop. You can see the original image […]

NZ Skeptics Conference – Strange Occurrences: our approach to paranormal investigation

Peter Griffin posted in on September 28th, 2009.

James Gilberd is 46, has a Bachelor of Design, photography major, Victoria University 1997, and works as a commercial photographer while running Photospace Gallery – one of NZ’s two specialist photographic art galleries. He founded Strange Occurrences in 2005, initially as a living art installation project with its eye on the Venice Biennale. Failing that […]

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