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Juha Saarinen on cybercrime – Herald on Sunday

John Kerr posted in on April 29th, 2013.

Writing in the Herald on Sunday,  Juha Saarinen explores the shady world of cyber-attacks and international computer crimes. An excerpt (read in full here): Rattling of the cyber sabres When Dani Wright set up a website to collect nursery rhymes from around the world, little did the Auckland writer and mum know that the site […]

NZ Herald: Anthony Doesburg – Cyberwar? It’s a phoney war, says IT expert

Peter Griffin posted in on August 2nd, 2010.

Anthony Doesburg writes in the New Zealand Herald about computer security expert Bruce Schneier’s contention that the US is wasting its money fighting a cyberwar that doesn’t exist. He believes, instead, that cyberwar is being used as a smokescreen for a power grab. An excerpt: (read in full here) “Schneier doesn’t deny the need for […]

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