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ODT: Groundwater nutrient focus

Peter Griffin posted in on August 31st, 2010.

Colin Williscroft and Rebecca Fox write in the Otago Daily Times about a consultation meeting to be held on the subject of increasing the maximum groundwater take by almost 0.8 million cubic metres a year. A GNS scientist has said that allocation limits are important, as overly low levels of water in aquifers could draw […]

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Timaru Herald: Land use impact on water ‘not known for decades’

Peter Griffin posted in on August 26th, 2010.

Gerald Piddock writes in the Timaru Herald about groundwater – scientists say that the impact on our groundwater of intensive agriculture might not be known for decades, as it could take that long for any contaminants to reach monitoring sites. While effects on shallow groundwater might be seen fairly rapidly, effects on deep groundwater would […]

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