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ODT/NZPA: New parasitic test to help sheep breeders

Peter Griffin posted in on September 17th, 2010.

AgResearch has developed a new parasite test for sheep which will allow breeders to test their stock faster, more easily and more accurately. The test (which tests saliva) checks the levels of an antibody, CARLATM, which sheep produce to fight parasite infection. An excerpt: (read in full here) “A three-strong sampling team could process more […]

NZ Herald/NZPA: Female stick insects happy to go it alone

Peter Griffin posted in on March 26th, 2010.

Research into New Zealand’s stick insects have shown that female stick insects do not need male stick insects in order to produce offspring. The behaviour, which results only in female offspring, is more common in the south, but could be a result of ‘range expansion’. An excerpt: (read in full here) “The team also took […]

Dom Post: $35m plan for kiwifruit quest

Peter Griffin posted in on November 9th, 2009.

Jon Morgan of the Dominion Post writes about a new investment into the kiwifruit industry, and one which will be the world’s biggest research and development programme into finding and developing new kiwifruit varieties. The investment of $35.7 million will come primarily from Zespri, with the Foundation for Science, Research and Technology providing the remainder […]

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