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Antarctic ice may melt faster than expected – In the News

John Kerr posted in on February 23rd, 2016.

Antarctica’s large land-based ice sheets may be more vulnerable to increasing global temperatures than previously thought, according to new research from New Zealand, US and European scientists. Analysing drill cores of Antarctic rock, they found that Antarctica became its warmest ever 15 million years ago  when carbon dioxide levels were 500ppm – only slightly higher […]

NZ Herald: Rob Fenwick – Sea levels set for dramatic rise

Peter Griffin posted in on June 17th, 2010.

Rob Fenwick writes in the New Zealand Herald about sea level rise and the conference he attended which saw 2500 polar scientists – the largest such group ever – gather to discuss ice melt and sea level rise. While there is consensus amongst polar (and many other) scientists that sea level rise will occur, more […]

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