Science Communication

Find online resources, training options and other information for upskilling in science communication.

Science communication tool kit

Click through to find our newly updated collection of online tools and resources, including SMC Desk Guides, how-to-videos, and science communication resources for researchers looking to improve their skills in their own time.


We host Sciblogs, a blog for New Zealand scientists who want to reach out to a general audience to explain their science and how it relates to society.

Some Sciblog contributors spend most of their time in the lab or buried in research. Others are authors or entrepreneurs. All of them know what they are talking about and have an interest in engaging in discussion on the big science-related issues facing society.

Sciblogs brings together the best science bloggers in the country on one website, creating a hub for scientific analysis and discussion and facilitating reader interaction.

If you would like to inquire about contributing to Sciblogs, contact us here.

Science Communicators Association of New Zealand (SCANZ)

SCANZ provides a community for science communicators to discuss and debate their craft with others, and hosts science communication events throughout Aotearoa.

Watch the recording of the SCANZ web hui “How to Talk about COVID-19” from April 2020 here.

Science communication courses

Pitch your research to the media

New Zealand’s media landscape is constantly changing, but there are a number of keen science and environment reporters across different outlets. If you’re interested in pitching a story to a journalist, see who’s covering science to find out what areas they’re interested in.