Te Pūtahi

Te Pūtahi is a project between Te Hiku Media, the Science Media Centre and Ignite Studios. Kingi Gilbert, Tui Gilling and Tamoko Ormsby interview special guests on scientific research, share a Māori perspective and ask how the research can be useful for our haukāinga.

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Episode 12: Assoc Prof Chris Wilkins & Dr Marta Rychert: Legalise Marijuana?

Assoc. Prof. Chris Wilkins & Dr Marta Rychert discuss challenges with the proposed Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill, including black markets, potency, safety and how the commercial sector might take shape.

Episode 11: Dr Marta Rychert & Manu Caddie on Social Enterprise

Manu Caddie of Hikurangi Enterprises and Dr Marta Rychert of Massey University discuss the spectrum of cannabis products,  regulations, some health & safety standards and the positioning of social enterprise to respond to potential changes in the reform bill

Episode 10: Dr Jessica Hutchings: Food Sovereignty – 7 July, 2020

Dr Jessica Hutchings (Ngāi Tahu, Ngāti Huirapa, Gujarat) discusses the book she published ‘Te Mahi Māra Hua Parakore’ and the key kaupapa of food sovereignty, Māori organic garden growing, Te Waka Kai Ora and political activism.

Episode 9: Dr Rangi Matamua – Māori Scientists – 1 July, 2020

Professor Rangi Matamua discusses the Māori concept of time, interpreting lunar cycles, sun cycles and what it means to be a Māori scientist. He shares his thoughts on future plans and using the ‘whakamoe tau’ as a way to regularise the maramataka in daily life.

Episode 8: Luke Wijohn & Lourdes Vano: Climate Change Activists – 22 June, 2020

Luke Wijohn and Lourdes Vano discuss Climate Change, Inequality & Civic representation. A powerful rangatahi perspective on climate action, political awakenings, race relations, civics education and protesting.

Episode 7: Carla Houkamau, Pale Sauni & Zella Morrison: Financial Wellbeing – 16 June, 2020

Associate Professor Carla Houkamau, Pale Sauni & Zella Morrison discuss whānau communal wealth versus individual material wealth. How are investments understood through haukāinga or Pacific community lenses?

Episode 6: Wetini Mitai-Ngatai & Dave Brennan: Māori Tourism Survival – 9 June, 2020

How will Māori Tourism companies continue to be able to provide for their haukāinga if international tourists aren’t visiting?

Episode 5: Dr Tahu Kukutai & Keoni Mahelona: Data Sovereignty – 2 June, 2020

Dr Tahu Kukutai and Keoni Mahelona discuss data, governance and sovereignty. What is data? What is Māori data? What considerations and concerns do our experts have around data and the future?

Episode 4: Dr Papaarangi Reid & Associate Professor Jo Stanton – 27 May, 2020

Professor Dr Papaarangi Reid and Associate Professor Jo Stanton explain Aotearoa’s COVID-19 testing and talk about future testing responses. Learn about the two types of COVID-19 tests that are necessary and the latest research that could help us deliver tests in faster times.

Episode 3: Dr Linda Waimarie Nikora & Dr Pikihuia Pomare: Stress & Mauri – 20 May, 2020

Professor Linda Waimarie Nikora & Dr Pikihuia Pomare explain stress, anxiety and talk about the many challenges faced by haukāinga and our whānau during COVID19. We learn about unique Māori ways of managing stress, how Māori psychologists draw on mātauranga Māori.

Episode 2: Moana-Roa Callaghan: Hunting, A Whānau Perspective – 13 May, 2020

Hunting was not allowed by the Government on public, private and Māori land under Alert Level 4; Te Pūtahi talks to Moana-Roa Callaghan (Te Whānau-ā-Apanui).

Episode 1: Dr Andrew Sporle: Epidemics & Inequality – 6 May, 2020

COVID-19, what we can learn from the past, the role of haukāinga & challenging the Government on inequities for Māori in health