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If you would like to request training for researchers at your organisation, or if you want to participate in an upcoming Science Media Centre workshop yourself, the information below will give you an overview of our offerings.

If you are looking for anything not included here, or have questions, feel free to contact us to discuss.

Participant goals – Which training is right for me? 

Science Media SAVVYInteractive Talks  SAVVY Express
 –  Understand media    
 –  Raise profile of research|
 –  Handle controversy
 –  Engage more proactively
Improve confidence with             media and social media
 – Tips for communicating 
– Learn about opportunities
for researchers in media

 –  Improve public outreach 
   –  Practise on camera
   –  Get rapid feedback
   –  Create a 90 sec video

Which training is right for my group?

OptionsWorkshop lengthNumber of participants
Science Media SAVVY2 days 12*
  Custom SAVVY workshop  1 or 2 days6 – 10
Interactive Talk 1 – 3 hours20 – 80
Lecture<1 hourUnlimited
SAVVY Express 15 minutes each 15 – 25


*Entry to full-length Science Media SAVVY workshops is by selection, drawn from an open call for applications. Typically no more than 3-4 of the available places will be offered to researchers from the same organisation.