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Earth Day tops off week of Covering Climate Now – In The News

Today is Earth Day, but for the past week journalists have been covering climate change and allowing their articles to be reused worldwide.

It’s part of Covering Climate Now, a global initiative to help news media report on “the defining story of our time with the rigor and urgency it deserves”. More than 460 news organisations are participating, across 57 countries including New Zealand.

In one of his many pieces for the initiative, New Zealand Herald science reporter Jamie Morton asks how population growth could affect the climate. He asks “should we be having fewer children?

Morton also reports that some New Zealand species found nowhere else in the world, will be especially vulnerable to climate change. It’s a finding from new research by University of Auckland marine ecologist Professor Mark Costello.

“Without reducing greenhouse gas emissions globally, climate change-driven extinctions will happen,” Costello said.

Newsroom’s environment editor David Williams reports how recent studies are revealing surprising changes in ice shelves in the Ross Sea region, a choke-point in ocean circulation.

“There are some large questions about how stable those ice shelves are.” NIWA ocean modeller Erik Behrens told him.

Stuff republished international stories for Covering Climate Now, including a mushroom burial suit, how therapists are tackling eco-anxiety, and a US geoengineering research project investigating the feasibility of dimming the sun.

However the outlet continued its usual climate coverage through The Forever Project, looking at Fonterra’s claims over its climate footprint, a New Zealand satellite to track cow burps, as well as featuring an essay by Marlborough Girls’ College Year 9 student Sophie Kole for Earth Day.

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