Summer arrives along with Antarctic research – In the News

With the summer season kicking off, it’s not all BBQs and beaches: many scientists are heading south for the Antarctic research season.

Scott Base: New Zealanders’ home away from home in Antarctica.

As Kiwi scientists head to the ice, they’ve featured in New Zealand media – especially given astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s emergency evacuation from the South Pole to Christchurch, where he is recuperating from symptoms related to altitude sickness.

Fairfax Media’s science page Catalyst reported on University of Otago’s Associate Professor Miles Lamare’s work on starfish, using them as a proxy for studying the effects of climate change. But it’s not the effect you might expect, Lamare is predicting the study species – Odontaster validus – might do better under warmer and more acidic conditions if successive generations are able to adapt to the changing conditions.

The Dominion Post has profiled Victoria University of Wellington’s Associate Professor Nancy Bertler and her research on ice cores. She described her days in the field and said Wellington conditions provided excellent training grounds for camping in Antarctica.

In January, Scott Base will host an Antarctic TedX with a speakers list including US astronaut Dr Dan Barry and documentarian Anthony Powell, the event has caught plenty of media attention.

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