‘Peak Antibiotics’ documentary on Prime

The NZ On Air-funded documentary Peak Antibiotic, which aired on Prime this week, tells the story of antibiotic resistance and features a number of high-profile New Zealand researchers.

Peak antibiotics

An excerpt from the Prime website:

Thinking back to the last time you were sick, did you ask your doctor for a course of antibiotics? Prime’s new local documentary, which investigates the rise of antibiotic resistance and its consequences, will certainly have you thinking twice before reaching for the drugs.

While these ‘super-bugs’ might not mean much to those of us without a science degree, the reality is that life without antibiotics will see us lurch back 200 years when common bacterial infections led to amputation and even death! And that’s not all, your hand wash, cleaning products and even the foods we consume all contribute to the growing antibiotic resistance problem.

With the ‘antibiotic apocalypse’ looming, Prime Presents: Peak Antibiotics brings you the stories of everyday Kiwis whose lives will never be the same after encounters with these ‘super-bugs’.