The latest from COP21 – In the News

The UN climate conference in Paris is grinding on with negotiators working to reach an agreed document by the weekend. Here’s some of the latest coverage

Climate badge2The biggest development in the the Paris climate talks has been the issuing of a new draft agreement this morning, comprising a shorter 29 page document. While a simpler draft, there is still much to be settled – including the question whether the world should be aiming to limit global warming to 1.5 or 2 degrees (see UK expert commentary on the new draft here).

RNZ: New climate pact draft released
Otago Daily Times (via Reuters): Deal creeps closer at Paris climate talks
New Zealand Herald (via AP): New draft of climate accord leaves big issues unresolved
RNZ: Nations criticise latest climate deal draft

In other news:

From Paris, New Zealand Herald science reporter Jamie Morton outlines the key issues in his The ABCs of the Paris climate talks.

Continuing the ‘Climate of Hope’ Q&A series for the New Zealand Herald, Jamie also interviews Veronika Meduna about her new book on climate change.

RNZ’s Chris Bramwell interviews youth delegates from New Zealand in Paris.

Dr Suzi Kerr from Motu Research answers carbon emissions and climate change questions from the public in a live chat on the Paris climate talks.

Florence Reynolds, Aotearoa Youth Leadership Institute delegate Paris, writes a guide to COP 21 in the New Zealand Herald.