‘Beyond the limits’ Freshwater scientists speak out

Is current intensification of land use damaging our waterways beyond repair? 

freshwater lake

Deteriorating water quality and arguments over access to water resources have been in the headlines a lot this year. Scientists speaking out about clean water and water resource issues have attracted significant attention, not all of it positive. Meanwhile water and land issues remain unresolved, with tensions set to increase as pressure to intensify economic returns mounts.

Beyond the Limits‘ is the theme of this year’s Freshwater Science Society’s annual conference, which kicks off in Dunedin this week.

The Science Media Centre held an online briefing for journalists ahead of the NZFSS conference. Freshwater scientists on the panel discussed what ongoing intensification means for New Zealand’s environment — and for our reputation — and what we can do about it.


  • Dr Mike Joy – Director, Centre for Freshwater Ecosystem Management & Modelling, Massey University
  • Prof David Dudgeon – Chair Professor of Ecology and Biodiversity and Associate Dean (Research) of the Faculty of Science, University of Hong Kong
  • Prof David Hamilton – University of Waikato, President of NZ Freshwater Science Society

Freshwater Science – Beyond the Limits – Science Media Centre (NZ) briefing from Science Media Centre NZ on Vimeo.

Click above to view and listen back to the briefing, recorded Monday 3 December at 11:30 am.