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Tech Institute to be named ‘Callaghan Innovation’

Posted in In the News on November 15th, 2012.

The Advance Technology Institute currently being established by the government will be called Callaghan Innovation, in honour of the late Physicist Prof Sir Paul Callaghan.

Speaking at a function at Parliament last night, Science and Innovation Minister Steven Joyce said naming the new Advanced Technology Institute after the late Sir Paul Callaghan was recognition of his passion for commercialising scientific research.

“Sir Paul was one of New Zealand’s greatest scientists. He believed that science was not only about great ideas but about getting value from those ideas through innovation and commercialisation. His views reflect the ambition of the ATI and we are grateful to the Callaghan family for allowing us to name the new institute in his honour,” Mr Joyce said.

You can read more in a press release here. Media  coverage of the naming includes:

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Idealog: ATI gets a name at last, and it’s Callaghan Innovation  ||  Yahoo NZ: Institute named after famous scientist





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