A decade on the leading edge of science media

Our colleagues at the UK Science Media Centre in London have had a big week, celebrating 10 years in business with a big party and lots of high-level meetings.

It really has been an impressive run for the SMC and its passionate founder Fiona Fox who has been there from day one and whose energy and enthusiasm for the venture never wanes.

This booklet of essays specially prepared for the 10th anniversary looks back at some of the major science-related issues the SMC had input into.

And this blog post by Fiona looks back at they key thing they’ve learned – that when science stories are highly polarising or politicized, scientists need to get on the front foot communicating for the sake of the public.

There are numerous examples in the booklet of where scientists have mobilized to protect the integrity of their science – and how it is perceived by the public – and other times where the science has suffered as scientists have retreated from public view.

The NZ SMC has had the support and guidance of our colleagues in London since our inception in 2008 and some of the most rewarding times I’ve spent at the SMC have been in the company of other SMCers from around the world discussing science media and how we can assist journalists in doing the best reporting they can.

Congratulations to Fiona and her team and to all the funders and supporters who have allowed the SMC UK to grow into the respected and influential organisation it has.

Peter Griffin

Manager, New Zealand Science Media Centre