NZ Herald: Vitamins aid becoming a father, study shows

Martin Johnston writes in the New Zealand Herald about an Auckland-led review which suggests that taking certain supplements could help improve subfertility – poor quality sperm – in men suffering from the condition.

The review found that the use of antioxidants resulted in an increased rate of pregnancy and live birth, and also generlaly improved sperm concentration and motility.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“The quality of New Zealand men’s sperm has declined, reflecting an international trend whose causes are not certain but are said to include smoking and obesity and, more controversially, agricultural chemicals.

“Dr Gudex recommended the supplement to men with an abnormal sperm count or a lifestyle factor, such as being a smoker or overweight, which might predispose them to increased sperm DNA damage, or if their partner was having recurrent miscarriages.

“The DNA damage is thought to be caused by “oxidative stress”, which results from oxygen-containing molecules that are chemically unstable. Antioxidants from certain foods and supplements can help to reduce the damage they cause.

“Auckland University is undertaking a Cochrane review of female sub-fertility and antioxidant supplements.”