Dominion Post: All hail our mighty Kiwi chemists

Bob Brockie writes, in an opinion piece in the Dominion Post, about chemists: New Zealand’s real genuises.

He points out that all three Novel Prizes won by Kiwis, were awarded to chemists, and talks of some of the other less well-known work conducted by chemists every day in New Zealand.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Lesser New Zealand chemists have also been busy over the years. They have invented new ways to extract salt from the sea, gold from ore, power from geothermal sources, and steel from iron sands. Our scientists have extended the chemistry of natural gas and concrete; invented new wood, dairy, meat and fish products; stopped some diseases in their tracks, turned wasteland into farmland, animal waste products into pharmaceuticals, developed synthetic fuels and new insights into medicine, forensics and environmental science.

“Unnoticed and unsung, our chemists daily check the quality of water, air, soil, food, industrial, engineering and farm products, and our body fluids. Their science never stands still as research chemists extend the boundaries of chemistry. They’re looking for new chemicals, new materials and new chemical applications.”