Dom Post: Scientists study sharks for the lemon in fish and chips

An article in the Dominion Post looks into the work being done by NIWA scientists, who are catching young rig sharks in preparation for a national survey looking into their behaviour, habitat preferences, and what risks they face.

The sharks are commonly called ‘lemon fish’, and are often used in fish and chips.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Niwa fisheries principal scientist Malcolm Francis says researchers are setting out each day on an inflatable boat and catching the fish in the large shallow basin of each inlet.

“”We want to know why they like the areas they inhabit, and what risks they face from fishing, heavy metal pollution, dredging, and sedimentation.”

Rig are known to be abundant in the shallow basins of both inlets, and after being born in springtime the sharks remain in the estuary till late autumn.”