3 News: Garlic eaters can breathe a sigh of relief

Scientists have discovered the best way to counteract the odour that results from eating garlic: drinking milk.

Drinking milk while eating garlic works better than drinking it after the meal, and it’s mix of fat and water which helps to counteract the distinctive odour.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Authors of the study, Sherly Barringer and Areerat Hansanugrum, told the Journal of Food Science that the combination of fat and water in milk helps to neutralise the infamous odour.

“Full-fat milk gives the best results, compared to skim milk or just plain water, according to the study, and sipping milk while eating garlic was more effective than after the meal.

“The science behind the solution centres on garlic’s allyl methyl sulphide (AMS) compound. AMS can not be broken down in digestion, and therefore is released in human breath and sweat.”