Dom Post: Predicting success with Niwa supercomputer

Kate Chapman writes in the Dominion Post  about NIWA’s new supercomputer, which is being officially launched today.

At only half its eventual processing power, the machine is still 100 times more powerful than NIWA’s existing supercomputer, and will be used to model both natural events and the human body.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Chief executive John Morgan said the new computer was one of the most significant single investments in science in New Zealand.

“”More accurate forecasts of the natural environment are essential to the future growth of New Zealand’s important industries like farming, horticulture, and the infrastructure and renewable energy sectors.”

“As well as forecasting, the computer will also help further medical science. Auckland University bioengineers will use it to work on creating computer models of the human body as part of the international Physiome project.

“The models will incorporate biochemistry, biophysics and the anatomy of cells, tissue and organs to provide new approaches to diagnosing and treating patients as well as help in the development of new medicines.”