Sunday Star Times: Sugar-free fails the acid test

Lois Cairns writes in the Sunday Star Times about the damage being caused to children’s teeth by sugar-free, but highly acidic, foods.

Doctors are warning that while sugar is still the most important factor in tooth decay, highly acidic sugar-free foods are capable of stripping tooth enamel – a process which can’t be reversed.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Associate Professor Bernadette Drummond, from Otago University’s School of Dentistry, said it was not uncommon for children and teenagers to turn up at dental surgeries with large areas of tooth enamel dissolved away.

“It is not just children, though, who are suffering dental problems from an acid-rich diet. “Wine tasters have a huge problem because what they’re doing is swilling acidic wine on their teeth,” Drummond said. “A lot of wine tasters end up having to have their teeth crowned.”

“Endurance athletes and cyclists were another high-risk group because of their use of “camel packs” containing acidic and sugary drinks.”