Dom Post: Niwa looks beyond salmon to boost NZ fish farming options

Hamish Rutherford writes in the Dominion Post about NIWA’s work in developing new types of aquaculture, in order to be ready should new space be set aside.

NIWA scientists have developed means of farming kingfisher, and except to have done the same for hapuka.  There are hopes that farmed fish could be desirable for chefs due to the consistent (high) quality they offer.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Niwa has already started testing the water, taking samples of farmed hapuka to Sydney for top chefs, apparently receiving a warm reception. Plans for a similar trip to London, home of some of the world’s finest restaurants, were cancelled at the 11th hour, Mr Cooper said, because of the volcano ash.

“The organisation “would need to regroup”, but planned to return to markets such as London and North America. “These are markets where if you brand your products well, and it is high quality and it has the element of sustainability, it means something to consumers.””