NZ Herald: Clouded thinking on change

Paul Holmes talks about his experience filling in for Leighton Smith last week, and why he can’t understand why people think anthropogenic global warming is a conspiracy.

He also discusses the ETS, and explains why it’s not necessarily as bad an idea as many people appear to think.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“I don’t know why the people who are convinced that climate change is some elaborate international lie become so angry or so unable to discuss the matter dispassionately.

“It seems to me that it is only obvious that we should take precautions with our gas emissions. It’s simple, I would have thought. Until the Industrial Revolution, man had no effect on the atmosphere. We rode on horses, we lit a few fires and we killed our animals for meat and clothing.

“We were only about a billion souls, vulnerable, loving, explosive little murderous creatures killing each other on a paradise planet. Then came the big factories and the vast, abandoned burnings of coal as factories moved across the continents and round the world.