NZ Herald: Human genes to be injected into goats, cows, and sheep

Eloise Gibson writes in the New Zealand Herald about the decision by Erma to allow scientists to create and work with genetically modified sheep, goats and cows.

The research, to be conducted by AgResearch, will involve putting human genes into the animals in order to produce specific human proteins in their milk – it is hoped the milk could be used in the treatment of certain diseases.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“The work will begin with genetically modified cows, and could be expanded to genetically modified goats within the next year.

“There are no immediate plans to genetically modify sheep at Ruakura.

“AgResearch hopes human proteins made by the animals could eventually be used to make “biopharmaceuticals” to treat rare human diseases and boost New Zealand’s income in the pharmaceuticals market.”