NZ Herald: Killer fats may be listed

Anna Rushworth writes in the New Zealand Herald about a meeting later this month in which experts will decide whether food manufacturers should be compelled to list the amounts of trans fatty acids in their food.

The move would apply across New Zealand and Australia, and is being considered due to their wide use and reputation as the worst, and most dangerous, of the fats.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“[Trans] fats are common in pastries, biscuits and fried foods.

“They are popular in commercially-baked goods because they are cheap, make food crispy and can extend a product’s shelflife.

“But nutritionists consider them the most dangerous type of fat in our food because they can raise the level of “bad” cholesterol and reduce “good” cholesterol – increasing the risk of heart disease, type two diabetes and stroke.

“They have also been linked to infertility in women.”