TVNZ/NZPA: NZ study shows the pill can reduce cysts

A study produced by two Auckland researchers suggests that the contraceptive pill could be an effective means of reducing the reoccurrence of ovarian endometriomas, a common type of ovarian cyst which is generally removed using surgery.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Neil Johnson of National Womens’ Hospital and Shelley Reilly, a medical researcher at Auckland District Health Board, have reported in the science journal Fertility and Sterility that a trial has shown the pill can reduce reoccurrence of endometriomas after removal by surgery.

“They have proposed an immediate change to current clinical practice so that if the contraceptive is considered as a treatment to reduce the risk of recurrence of an endometrioma after a cystectomy, the treatment should be given for at least two years.

“Their study is thought to be the only randomised controlled trial that has evaluated the effectiveness of the use of long-term postoperative oral contraceptive pill treatment to prevent endometrioma recurrence.”