Stuff: No 8 wire – NZ’s best ideas

Luke Appleby writes for Stuff about some of the inventions pioneered by New Zealanders over the years.

Kiwi inventions include the Wellington Motor, tranquiliser guns, and the electric fence.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“In NZ, if something stops working, we hit it, open it up, put it back together, hit it again, duct tape it, put a coathanger in it and eventually get it going again. In fact, I’m surprised MacGyver wasn’t a Kiwi.

“Over the years, Kiwis have been responsible for the creation of some great inventions and the development of many techniques and practices.

“In today’s post, I’m outlining some of the best ideas to come out of Aotearoa. It’s by no means a complete list – there are many more I couldn’t fit (don’t even get me started on the pavlova).”