Dom Post: Fishing limit decisions ‘guesswork’

Nick Churchouse writes in the Dominion Post about the view of an eminent NZ scientist that decisions on commercial fishing limits need to be improved.

Currently, says Dr John McKoy (NIWA), not enough is known and the limits are susceptible to influence and overly ambiguous and informal.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Dr McKoy said it was dangerous to ignore the lesser species because the impact on them could indirectly affect more profitable species. “We do not understand the dynamics of the systems in New Zealand, not enough to provide reliable advice.”

“The Government needed to put more independent money into the pot, he said.

“Fisheries Ministry chief scientist Rich Ford said the resources for fisheries science were limited, even more so in a recession, and the result was a tradeoff between making informed decisions and what could be afforded.”