Business Day/NZPA: GE pasture trial concerns

Kent Atkinson (NZPA) reports in Business Day on the upcoming application by the Pastoral Genomics group for a conditional release of GM forages, in particular clover and ryegrass.

The application, however, has raised concerns amongst some groups who worry that the altered genes could spread into non-GM pasture species.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“[A Royal Society] paper noted GE clover and ryegrass are being promoted in some quarters as “cisgenic” – engineered without using genes from other species – which the biotechnology sector hopes may make the meat and milk from animals grazed on them more acceptable in some markets.

“Michael Dunbier, of Pastoral Genomics, told the briefing that the first GE pasture plants offered for commercial release were likely to be ones engineered to be drought resistant, but estimated the earliest commercialisation could be in 2017.”