NZ Herald: Warming to hit pockets: report

Greg Ansley of the NZ Herald writes about the stark choice facing Australians yesterday – either to act meaningfully now to avert the effects of climate change and an ageing population, or pay for it hugely in the future.

A report by Treasurer Wayne Swan has looked into hte challenges which face Australia in the next 40 years, and concluded that without serious action, and soon, each Australian could end up $20,000 or more out of pocket.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Swan said Australia needed to act now to pass on a better and stronger nation to its children.

“”[The report] is a stark reminder that we can’t sit on our hands or play political games with this country’s future.

“”Passing all of these tests will be extremely difficult, but not beyond us.

“”To those daunted by the challenges I’ve laid out today, I say surely a nation that defied global economic gravity in recent times is capable of countering the effects of an ageing population and the threat of climate change.

“”In every area – in fiscal responsibility, in participation and productivity, in cities and infrastructure, in climate change – the lesson is that if we act today then we can reap the benefits in the future.””